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Do What Plants Do

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“I’ve been nursing an orchid for the past few months and I must say it’s taking time for it to find its way back to health. This week I decided to move it into a warmer spot but have been stopped in my tracks by my tumbling ivy. Why? The friendly creeper has rooted itself in the orchid pot and so the two are now bonded for life.  I always place my plants in clusters where possible to keep each other company. This is the first time one has been forward enough to “move right in”. I smile when I think about this audacity, and I feel grateful...

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I Understand You – Then I can Love You

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“Thích Nhất Hạnh is a Vietnamese Buddhist monk and peace activist whose simple, thoughtful interpretation of Buddhist teachings has been a source of calm to many people. We have all said “I love you,” to someone at some point in our lives – in fact, we may have uttered this phrase multiple times. But how many of us have said to a dear one, “I understand you”? It is Hahn’s message of compassion that when we truly understand someone, we are then capable of loving them well.  I am letting my heart take this in.” To your Happiness,...

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 Go to the Balcony

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“International negotiator William Ury, who is presently involved with talks in North Korea, speaks about “going to the balcony”.  Let’s say a remark is made to you during a sensitive situation that causes an immediate reactionary or emotional response in you. If you choose to verbalize this response, it may trigger further confrontation with your party. Ury suggests “going to the balcony” instead by pausing, taking a few conscious breaths and observing what you are feeling. In this space of a suspended moment, the question, “What am I trying...

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What does She Look Like Now?

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A Salt Spring Island shot of me from this summer. Thought you might want to see what I really look like now. Would love to “see” you, too. Send something along if you’re so inclined. To your Happiness,...

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 The Eye of the Hurricane

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“All of us were struck by the power of Hurricane Irma as the system wreaked havoc on all in its path. Repercussions will be felt for years from a storm that came and went over a September weekend.  It’s an extreme analogy but hear me out on this one: like a hurricane, external circumstances, people and ideas can wreak havoc on you as you can on them whether through worry, anger, fear or jealousy. Retreat to the eye of your storm – your centre – where calm allows you to redress the imbalances that have been created.  By staying in the...

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Stay True and Centred

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It seems chaos reigns supreme – extreme weather for many of us, unexpected family health issues, increasing workplace stresses, corporate malfeasance… Personal doubt and fear creep in begging to get a foothold in your heart; they want you to flail, fight, argue, to lash back.  Don’t let them! Barr your inner door with prayer, and as much love and compassion for yourself and others as you can muster. This inner watch will keep you true and centred, calm and ever allowing the Universe to unfold as it will. To your Happiness,...

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Your Gateway

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Your Gateway

What is your gateway like? Where are you going? What are you leaving? Which decisions are you making as you transition into the new season? Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. This one is… To your Happiness, Kita  

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I’m taking some time away and will be back at the end of August. I wanted to leave you with this one simple message: “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” Dalai Lama To your Happiness, Kita

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Jump Right In

Posted by on August 14, 2017 in Gentle Messages | Comments Off on Jump Right In

You know the feeling when you’re wading in the water and making up your mind whether to get wet or not –especially if it’s cooler than you anticipated and the sun is now behind the clouds making the decision that more uncertain. Perhaps you count down to zero and plunge in or choose to baby step yourself into deeper water. Maybe you turn around and retreat to shoreline; you’re too cold and it’s really not worth it. However, as in life, acknowledging the circumstances will never be perfect gives you permission to jump right in without waiting...

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Back in Time

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“A long lost friend calls and wants to meet up to reminisce and to catch up. Inevitably the questions arise: “Why are they calling me now after so many years?”; “Will I recognize them?” Better yet, “Will they recognize me?” and “Is it worth resurrecting memories that could make for awkward if not tense moments?” I know I’ve changed but have they?  This last query prompts the rendezvous to proceed as service to help others be healthier and happier does not discriminate. There is a reason they have contacted me.” (Let me know if you’ve...

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