The SIMPLE Life: Shiny Objects Not Required

“De-cluttering Your Life from the Inside Out”


TheSIMPLELIfeCoverThe SIMPLE Life focuses on the process of moving from a busy, distracting life to a simple life of purposeful living where once-present shiny objects are no longer necessary or desirable.  Appealingly short, The SIMPLE Life is the perfect choice for those who know their overly-scheduled, distracted lives are at breaking point but don’t know how they got to this point or how to go about making a change for the better.What Readers Will Take From “The SIMPLE Life: Shiny Objects Not Required”




What Readers Will Take From “The SIMPLE Life: Shiny Objects Not Required: 

a. Sleep, eat and exercise better
b. Improve your sex life
c. Train your mind for success
d. Use silence as a key to your well-being
e. Get rid of the beliefs that don’t work for you
f. Do less and have a more fulfilling life



“If ever there was a book that provides the solution for living in a 24/7, over-cluttered and distracting world, this is it. Read it, and your life will get a whole lot less complicated.” – Justin Sachs, World-Renowned Speaker & Best-Selling Author of “The Power of Persistence”







“Kita makes an excellent case for the SIMPLE life: you can find it, you can nurture it, you can spread it around, and you will be happier for it. The book presents a series of steps, which used separately or combined, inspire you to get back to simplicity without being held hostage by all the shiny objects! A terrific system for reforming the most deflated exclamation points, and getting them to stand high once again!”– Rémy Chaussé, Best-Selling Author “Living Life As An Exclamation Point!”





DrDougHaddad-13“The author provides a very useful set of “SIMPLE” strategies that can be applied right away! “The Simple Life” is a wonderful read that forces you to take a step back and observe life’s happenings with a clear set of thoughtful eyes and help avoid getting entangled in different webs throughout life! I like how the acronym “S.I.M.P.L.E.” stands for the specific tools needed to escape the overwhelming fast-paced nature of society, without going into seclusion to reset life back into balance!” ( 5 stars) – Douglas Haddad, Author, Educator and Health Expert





CarlHonore“In this chronically impatient and compulsively busy world, when every moment of the day feels like a race against the clock, people are desperate to slow down and simplify their lives. The SIMPLE Life shows us how to do just that.”– Carl Honoré, Slow Coach and Author of the International Bestseller “In Praise of Slowness”





The Power of “SIMPLE”

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Monday, February 17, 2014 1 pm Pacific 4 pm Eastern Kita will be talking about “The SIMPLE Life: Shiny Objects Not Required” with Talk 2 Brazil Program Host Tom Reaoch on LA Talk Radio, Los Angeles CA

Catch Kita on the Ottawa CTV Morning Show Thursday, April 3 at 9:15 am Eastern time.

Kita will be on the Bold Radio Station with Charlotte Howard on Tuesday, April 15 at 7 pm Eastern time to talk about her new book.

April 21, 2014- Kita is on the Mary Goulet Show. Catch her here:

Friday, April 25, 2014- Kita is a guest on eTALKS with host Mike Brenhaug.  The eTALKS show is found here:

Kita on Home and Heart Radio with Mary Goulet (Part 1) (Part 2)

Monday, May 5, 2014
Kita will be on “American Indian Living” radio with Dr. David DeRose to talk about The SIMPLE Life: Shiny Objects Not Required
(American Indian Living can be heard on some 140 stations throughout the U.S. in addition to internet live streams hosted by LIfeTalk Radio and Native Voice One.

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May 5, 2014- Kita on “American Indian Living” with Dr. David LaRose:—%2002-17-14a%20for%2005-05-14%2C%20Kita%20Szpak.mp3

May 22, 2014- Kita talks about the SIMPLE life with reporter Janet Wilson of the Ottawa Citizen

May 30, 2014: DocFred with Kita Szpak- The Simple Life: Shiny Objects Not Required

This show will broadcast twice Friday, May 30, 2014, 10AM and again at 4PM Central.
You can also listen in: Friday, May 30, 2014 or any time by going to Visions of Success Talk Radio. All links below: (for Friday’s show on ITunes also, AWOP 24.7) or even today at

Thursday, July 10, 2014: Listen to Kita’s interview with Jim Nemley on The Better Biz Builders Show – it’s all about slowing down, making time for silence, re-assessing and deciding what is really important in your life!

Monday, July 14, 2014: Kita will be on the Top of the Morning Radio Show with Dr. Fay Butler on at 6:18 am Eastern (Broadcast will replay after initial airing.)
All about The SIMPLE Life: Shiny Objects Not Required can be found on page 31 of the second issue now available.

You can purchase this book at any of the retailers below. If you are in the Ottawa, Canada area, the book can be purchased at Books on Beechwood, Serendipity and Singing Pebble.

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