Podcast: Developing Successful Happy Students

Happiness expert and children’s author of You’re Special Wherever You Are, Kita Szpak, who has taught at the public and high school level, is here with us today to talk about the significance of having happy students in our classrooms.

Developing Successful Happy Students

    • How do you define happiness?
    • How does happiness factor into a student’s classroom performance?
    • What are some of the first steps that can be taken to initiate changes in the classroom?
    • How can parents help their kids to be better students?
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    Kita Szpak is an author, happiness expert, speaker and publicist. With two honors degrees in Education and German (Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada), an initial speaker’s certification from Fred Pryor Seminars, and business management certification from Queen’s University School of Business, Kita has combined her entrepreneurial expertise, media relations savvy, outstanding people skills, and writing creativity to position others for personal and professional excellence. She has coordinated business and media events, book, CD launches, in addition to artist showcases nationally and internationally.

    Kita taught at the high school level for seven years including two years of pre-college level marketing management before deciding to start her own business. She published her first children’s book “You’re Special Wherever You Are” at the end of 2009. Having already begun her research on happiness, Kita co-authored “Tipping Point to Happiness” in 2010. She has blogged for http://www.jenningswire.com with her column “Straight Talk on Happiness”; is an in-house happiness expert on Jim Blasingame’s smallbusinessadvocate.com; and is published online as well as being a contributing writer for Status Magazine and WORKING moms Africa.

    Over the last two years, Kita presented three international online telesummits on the topics of “Happiness for Parents Formula” “From Guilt to Gratitude” and “Happiness and Success” as well as an online radio show, interviewing over 50 experts in the areas of happiness, parenting, positive psychology, education, health and well-being. Out of this has developed the Happiness Road Tour initiative which Kita is debuting in New York City this fall, 2016 (http://happinessroadtour.com)

    Last summer Kita completed outreach interviews with U.S. and Canadian educators, administrators, healthcare professionals, and parents on psycho-social needs in the pediatric cancer sector via her affiliation with the Max Cure Foundation in New Jersey. Her outreach work continues to build on her happiness research and expertise. Kita’s latest book “The SIMPLE Life: Shiny Objects Not Required” (2014) as well as her other books are available at http://kitaszpak.com





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