Kita Szpak spoke at my Women Business Owners IDEX forum.  Her topic:   “How To BE the Go-To Expert in Your Field for Media”. Kita shared her passion and real life experiences to enlighten us on how to BE the go to Expert for Media. She taught us that it starts with a simple question…a question that gets to the root of everything that we do in our careers and in our life. The question being; “Who are you?” Answering helped us discover our Individual Authenticity and the importance of portraying an image that stays true to it

Sheldon Rice CIM, FCSI
Financial Advisor
Raymond James Ltd


Last week, I sent an email to my Level 1 subscribers looking for some guest bloggers. A dozen replied with interest. Five others have submitted posts and I have them in the queue to publish. The first I posted yesterday where author Kita Szpak did a great job crafting a guest post. Go see for yourself what a guest blog post looks like…

Marty Dickinson
President, Here Next Year, LLC
Site: www.HereNextyear.com
See post here: http://herenextyear.com/write-more-thank-you-notes-than-parking-tickets.php


There is something about being at Kita’s presentations that tells you – this woman knows her stuff.  Engaging, witty, yet, the consummate professional.

Tim Gordon
General Store Publishing House


Kita has a gentle confidence when speaking, a calm mastery of her subject matter that engages and enlightens her audience. Listening to her, you feel as if your best friend is relaying something wonderful they’ve just discovered, and the twinkle in her eye makes you hang on every word.

Victor Couwenbergh,
Sequential Artist and Filmmaker


What sets Kita Szpak apart as a public speaker is her sparkling ability to think fast on her feet by employing examples and anecdotes that welcome her audience into whatever her narrative of the moment is. She delights, instructs, reassures and entertains.

Elisabeth Harvor
Novelist, poet, and instructor
at the Humber School for Writers


What strikes me about Kita’s speaking style is that she is articulate, well prepared, presenting her concepts clearly and simply while engaging the audience with stimulating questions to ponder. Kita touches the audience both from a heart and intellectual perspective leaving them with a better appreciation and understanding of themselves.  Anyone who hears Kita comes away with new insights on what is really important to them in moving their lives forward on their journey to a happier life.

Caroline Midgley
Wellness & Marketing Consultant
Seniors on Site

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