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Get Out of Your Story Loop

Posted by on December 11, 2017 in Gentle Messages | Comments Off on Get Out of Your Story Loop

“Though a situation has come to an end days, months, even years ago and you’ve made peace with yourself and those involved, the situation may be repeating itself despite your best efforts.  Think about a recurring pattern in your life – similar job scenarios, dramatic relationships, self-talk Sundays, going on holidays that never happen… These circumstances are not ongoing but they enter and exit your life with regularity. Examine such story loops and tell yourself the truth about them.  This is the first step to getting out of them for...

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It’s Not about You

Posted by on December 4, 2017 in Gentle Messages | Comments Off on It’s Not about You

“Even if you are making all the plans, have people rely on you, are the lead actor, chair the meeting, initiate the agreement, drive the negotiations, sign the contract, march ahead of the line, are elected, win the competition, read from the pulpit, anchor the relay, inspire the multitudes and are applauded for your efforts, it’s not about you.  Whatever you are destined to do here will always be bigger than you are. Having this bigger picture in front of you will keep you humble – a wonderful trait all great leaders possess.” To your...

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Making a Decision

Posted by on November 27, 2017 in Gentle Messages | Comments Off on Making a Decision

“There’s a certain amount of pressure in making a decision whether it’s which car to buy, getting up earlier, letting your daughter go to a party, choosing a course to take, giving the homeless person your change, staying in your relationship, asking for a raise, taking out a gym membership, deciding on hot chocolate with whipped cream…the list goes on as you make countless decisions every day.  Big or small, all of them have consequences for you and others. Making a decision is hard – especially so when the word “no” is involved. Denying...

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Camouflaging the Wonder in Your Life?

Posted by on November 20, 2017 in Gentle Messages | Comments Off on Camouflaging the Wonder in Your Life?

“There’s such a comfort in a daily routine, isn’t there?  A sense of calm permeates a day of planning that is then completed without any surprises.  Sameness gives you a sense of security especially when circumstances around you are so changeable – dare I say volatile… However, lack of newness without any stimulation or sense of adventure does eventually erode into a blandness that can camouflage the wonder of what life really is. If you do have an opportunity to “change it up” go for it and jump right in.  You’ll be surprised at how much...

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 Imprinting Works on You, Too

Posted by on November 13, 2017 in Gentle Messages | Comments Off on  Imprinting Works on You, Too

“Remember the story about the orphaned baby deer which when it was cared for and fed by its human rescuer, began to identify that person as its mother.  No matter that this mother walked on two legs, had no fur and could barely jump a fence. In a word, the handler had imprinted on the baby animal that s/he was its mother. For a long time, I’ve associated “imprinting” with animals – those orphans, strays and injured who having lost their parents, have bonded with people who have cared for them.  But of course, we humans imprint too – I venture...

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Let It Flow; Let It Flow

Posted by on November 6, 2017 in Gentle Messages | Comments Off on Let It Flow; Let It Flow

“Do you find you’re uneasy about being too generous? Perhaps your heart is telling you to give yet your logical self says, “What if you run out and don’t have enough next week?” Whether we’re talking money, tea or the shirt off your back, a scarcity reminder seems to kick in when the “feel good” endorphins have commanded our sharing instincts for any length of time. Certainly this happens to me. A sudden jolt back into reality – as if we’re not supposed to let our generosity do its thing. Well, let yourself play in the field of grace – in...

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Suspend Your Belief

Posted by on October 30, 2017 in Gentle Messages | Comments Off on Suspend Your Belief

“Remove for a moment any fact someone has attributed to you. Forget what your parents said about your potential. Erase the report card comments from your mind. Throw that conversation you weren’t supposed to hear back into the pile. Remarks from the pulpit have no place in your heart any more. Innuendo is just that – speculation that merits no attention.  The job track that you’re supposed to be on perhaps has no destination other than pleasing somebody else. Whatever you’ve accumulated to believe about yourself, suspend it. That’s right. Get...

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Your Reality is Your Own. Period.

Posted by on October 23, 2017 in Gentle Messages | Comments Off on Your Reality is Your Own. Period.

“Whether reminiscing, reminding, catching up, comparing notes, listening or forgetting, a moment in time seen through your personal lens is unlike that same moment in time viewed by anyone else. It doesn’t matter if family or stranger is involved, the result is the same.  One perspective will differ from another even if the power of intimacy is present. The reality we experience is uniquely ours. This is why judging others for whatever reasons, will always be inaccurate because you are shaping your observations within your own reality not...

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Do What Plants Do

Posted by on October 16, 2017 in Gentle Messages | Comments Off on Do What Plants Do

“I’ve been nursing an orchid for the past few months and I must say it’s taking time for it to find its way back to health. This week I decided to move it into a warmer spot but have been stopped in my tracks by my tumbling ivy. Why? The friendly creeper has rooted itself in the orchid pot and so the two are now bonded for life.  I always place my plants in clusters where possible to keep each other company. This is the first time one has been forward enough to “move right in”. I smile when I think about this audacity, and I feel grateful...

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I Understand You – Then I can Love You

Posted by on October 9, 2017 in Gentle Messages | Comments Off on I Understand You – Then I can Love You

“Thích Nhất Hạnh is a Vietnamese Buddhist monk and peace activist whose simple, thoughtful interpretation of Buddhist teachings has been a source of calm to many people. We have all said “I love you,” to someone at some point in our lives – in fact, we may have uttered this phrase multiple times. But how many of us have said to a dear one, “I understand you”? It is Hahn’s message of compassion that when we truly understand someone, we are then capable of loving them well.  I am letting my heart take this in.” To your Happiness,...

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