Faith and Trust

Posted on February 6, 2017 in Gentle Messages | Comments Off on Faith and Trust

A little boy was being put to bed by his nana. As she tucked him in, she shared this thought with him: “If you lie here and listen for the front door to open, you’ll know it’s Mommy and she’ll come right upstairs to cuddle with you. She should be here soon.” With that said, nana kissed her grandson good night and silently made her way downstairs. All was now quiet. Minutes later the front door opened; the young woman greeted nana and they exchanged a quick update before realizing her son was talking to himself upstairs. “I hear the front door open. Mommy’s here and will come upstairs to me. I hear the door sound. Mommy’s here.” His mom bounded up the stairs to him. And I realized that he had trusted me implicitly, and I had complete faith that my daughter-in-law would come through that door.  This simple truth still brings tears to my eyes.

To your Happiness,


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