This Moment will Pass – Forever

Posted on April 9, 2018 in Gentle Messages | 0 comments

“Your experiences shape you. There is no doubt about that. The painful ones tend to sit with you the longest and your psyche longs to be rid of them: to forget they ever occurred. You likely know the expression “This too will pass”. The latter invariably refers to an unpleasant situation that has to be endured for whatever length of time and then, mercifully, it will be over. The human tendency to have things “gotten over with” threatens to encapsulate everything that is experienced – good or bad. Before the wonderful evening comes to a close, one’s mind is already drifting to the things lined up for next morning. Wishing away unpleasantness is natural but allowing your moments to escape without due consideration is thoughtless. Remember, you will never have the same moment again.”

To your Happiness,


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