Jumping to Conclusions

Posted on May 29, 2017 in Gentle Messages | Comments Off on Jumping to Conclusions

“He didn’t call because it’s not important to him…I’m not important to him.” (Keep the issue where it belongs.) “The bus driver saw me but she still closed the door on me.” (Could it be she didn’t see you?) “How many times have I asked you to pick up the milk? I swear I’ll be happy when hockey season is over.” (Milk will be overlooked if it’s a series final in any sport.) “He knew I didn’t like that restaurant but he made reservations there anyway.” (Every other place was booked and he really wanted to take you somewhere.) “Does she think I’m stupid or something? How could she write me such a patronizing note?” (Teachers do their best to ensure all parents understand them.) “My kids don’t care about me anymore. They haven’t called me in a week.” (Have you called them?)  Enough said.

To your Happiness,



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