I want to; I have to

Posted on July 31, 2017 in Gentle Messages | Comments Off on I want to; I have to

“Never have two small words held such power for you. “Want to” implies desire, a choosing to do of your own free will. “Have to” implies coercion, a forcing to do because of someone else’s free will. It boils down to decision making.  What kind of decisions are you making?  Are they based on others’ wishes, demands, expectations, and orders? Or are your decisions based on wishes and expectations that you make of yourself? Next time when you are deciding – whether on an ice cream flavour or a career change, explore the vocabulary you are using: “Do I want a strawberry sundae?” or “Do I have to have a strawberry sundae?” You may surprise yourself with the reasons why you’re eating a strawberry one instead of selecting another flavour.”

To your Happiness,


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