Find a Way

Posted on January 23, 2017 in Gentle Messages | Comments Off on Find a Way

I’m leaving for a week-long trip to visit family and friends on the west coast in a couple of days. With work commitments, appointments, family needs and events that are scheduled this weekend, my 24-hour day is packed.  Being in the moment helps as I focus on the task at hand and do not let myself think ahead – otherwise I would feel overwhelmed.  I’m also writing this at six in the morning having risen earlier to accommodate today’s schedule.  I’m taking Mom to the national figure skating championship finals – a day-long affair.  A good way to spend time with her before I leave early Monday morning. Tomorrow is tomorrow and I will take care of it when it arrives.

To your Happiness,


P.S. I’ll be taking a break from my posts and Gentle Messages until Feb. 1. Have a happy week and see you on the 1st!

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