Do What Plants Do

Posted on October 16, 2017 in Gentle Messages | Comments Off on Do What Plants Do

“I’ve been nursing an orchid for the past few months and I must say it’s taking time for it to find its way back to health. This week I decided to move it into a warmer spot but have been stopped in my tracks by my tumbling ivy. Why? The friendly creeper has rooted itself in the orchid pot and so the two are now bonded for life.  I always place my plants in clusters where possible to keep each other company. This is the first time one has been forward enough to “move right in”. I smile when I think about this audacity, and I feel grateful that my plants are taking care of their own in times of need. Let us do the same.”

To your Happiness,


P.S. Talk about synchronicity, this just came into my inbox:

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