Are You Measuring Out your Love?

Posted on March 13, 2017 in Gentle Messages | Comments Off on Are You Measuring Out your Love?

It’s easier to be kinder to strangers because you don’t know them. There’s no personal connection or history to pre-empt the flow of kindness from you to them. You may be donating, volunteering, sharing and giving of your time and energy to those in need without reservation but how are you in your generosity when it comes to your family? Sometimes past personal experiences build up a wall of self-protection, anger, shame, confusion and mistrust that prevents your flow of love to kin with whom you are supposedly the closest. You measure out your love in drops or in sudden gushes depending on how vulnerable you are feeling. This is the greatest act of courage: to love when it’s toughest and scariest. Dare to be courageous and let love flow without your internal measuring cup.

To your Happiness,


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